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The Wildlife

Trip Report 10th to 12th May 2013

This weekend, we put in more video stakes, bringing our total to 4 stakes in the reef. We’re trying not to impact the reef too much by doing this, but placing them at ideal locations around the reef to capture the various reef activities going on.

We also managed to get some water quality data, and another resident friend from the reef sh...

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Trip Report 28th to 30th March 2013

Another weekend, another chance to survey the reef. This week, over the Good Friday long weekend, we got a new team in, consisting of Agata, Lu Yin, Yonghe, Chris and Kheng, all eager to enjoy a long weekend away and help out on the site.

Agata, Lu Yin, and Yonghe helped collect more water quality samples, whilst Kheng and Chris helped with putting some other video stakes in the sand. Along the way, our old friend the snake eel also made an appearance, although this time round, he was a little ...

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Trip Report 15th to 17th March 2013

After much anticipation of what the Menagerie will look like in 2013, a group of us set off to get our first look at what has happened on the site over the monsoon period.

Here’s a quick summary of what we discovered and did. Click the links to see the videos.

  1. All sections of line on the 3m line were broken or snapped (strong surge from monsoon season, maybe we should take down these lines at end of each season?)
  2. The loose ends were tied down by one of the locals who was staying on the island,...
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Mr Cuttlefish and the line

As if to prove how good he is at camouflage, Mr Cuttlefish had chosen to rest in an area of the reef the divers were filming.  He went completely undetected for a while, then whilst reeling in the lines the divers were using to act as markers, it was noticed that one of the lines had been laid over Mr Cuttlefish. By the time filming had started he was off, blending in with the reef at a depth of about 8m.

As the camera approached to film him this time, h...

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Mr Cuttlefish

Salang House reef is also home to a cuttlefish that has been spotted by divers throughout the season. He is often hanging out in the survey site, where he is well camouflaged, making him easy to miss. During the survey weekend in October, the divers often saw Mr Cuttlefish swimming around. In this video he was out swimming at a depth of about 3m.

On this occasion Mr Cuttlefish had two of his arms raised...

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Mr Grouchy

One of the residents of Salang house reef is a Hawksbill turtle, who has been seen regularly for a few years now and seems quite unfazed by our presence.  But it wasn’t until earlier this year that he gained the name Grouchy and here’s how:

In late September, Gemma, Jun and Leon went to get the site ready for the first weekend of data collection...

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Mr Snake Eel

There is some pretty amazing wildlife to be seen at Salang. Most divers underrate it as a site where they never see anything, but unlike a zoo, sightings aren’t guaranteed in a real marine environment. You just need to be in the right place at the right time...

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