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Trip Report 10th to 12th May 2013

This weekend, we put in more video stakes, bringing our total to 4 stakes in the reef. We’re trying not to impact the reef too much by doing this, but placing them at ideal locations around the reef to capture the various reef activities going on.

We also managed to get some water quality data, and another resident friend from the reef shows up to say hello. This garfish is always spotted around the large coral colony at the 60m mark, swimming around and looking for a feed.

Along the way, we spotted a ghost net wrapped around a metal structure placed near the open water line out from the dive centre. It’s not in the surveyed reef per se, but we couldn’t just leave it there, so we removed the fishing net, and righted the structure, putting it back in it’s original place further up the slope. Here are some pictures to show what was done.

Ghost Net (1 of 5)

The toppled metal structure

Ghost Net (2 of 5)

A closer examination of the ghost net

Ghost Net (3 of 5)

It wasn’t such a small net after all!

Ghost Net (4 of 5)

The extent of the damage

Ghost Net (5 of 5)

Taitti bringing up the ghost net

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