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Trip Report 28th to 30th March 2013

Another weekend, another chance to survey the reef. This week, over the Good Friday long weekend, we got a new team in, consisting of Agata, Lu Yin, Yonghe, Chris and Kheng, all eager to enjoy a long weekend away and help out on the site.

Agata, Lu Yin, and Yonghe helped collect more water quality samples, whilst Kheng and Chris helped with putting some other video stakes in the sand. Along the way, our old friend the snake eel also made an appearance, although this time round, he was a little more shy to see us.

Team number 1 also helped with doing another trial run of using our quadrat.

We got them to not use the vertical arm this time, but it’s pretty obvious that without a reference, it’s really hard to get the GoPro to take good usable photos. Positioning of the quadrat over the reef also got a little unwieldy after a while. With the whole square base now in the photo, it’s also even more obvious that the vignetting of the photos makes the GoPro unusable as the camera of choice for this application.

Sigh, time to break out the 5DMk2, I guess…

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