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Want to help put your time and diving skills towards a good cause and learn a little about marine biology in the process? Then join us for a weekend at the Salang Menagerie!

We’ll be launching a weekend long program for divers before the start of the 2013 Tioman season. The program will include some dives on the site, collecting data and performing measurements, as well as some leisure dives around Tioman. We’re still finalizing the details of these weekend trips, so check back and find out what the program will entail.

Apart from the regular data collection dives, we’re also planning on building and deploying sediment and coral recruitment traps, along with coral tagging and fish census measurements every month as well.

Let us know if you’re interested to join in on these projects or if you would just like to come dive the Salang Menagerie yourself by emailing

2 comments to Contribute!

  • J  says:

    Hi! I would love to come along to Tioman and help out with data collection; however, I haven’t gotten my diving license yet. Do you know approximately when the weekend long program is going to happen so that I can go get my license beforehand?

    Thanks, J

  • Julian  says:

    Hey there! I was wondering how best to put my dive skills to good use and this project is one of them. Do holler when you make another trip!

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