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The Site


Enjoy our interactive depth plot above to view the videos that we’ve collected along each of the perimeter lines. Roll over to find the buttons and click-through to our Vimeo channel.

The depth plot was done using depth gauges at 1m intervals along each of the y-axis lines. The image was put together using Mathematica, with the help of the brilliant Chammika Udalagamma. The length of the perimeter is 100m, and measures 35m across. You’ll notice that there’s a dark brown flat area at the bottom of the plot, this data was intentionally put in as the bottom 12m line is actually bent inwards.

We normalized the data by subtracting out the tide tables using the approximate times that each set of lines were collected. This was our first attempt, and you’ll notice there are some issues with the data, most likely from the depth gauges being used without any calibration, so there are some sharp drops along the vertical that can’t possibly be natural.

We will try again to collect the data again at the end of 2013, and hopefully we’ll do better next time!

At a later stage, we’ll attempt to do a full photo composite of the entire site, and with that, be able to calculate actual coral cover.

In the meantime, here’s another video of the perimeter line being set up back in May 2012.


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