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Trip Report 26th to 30th July 2013

After telling others about the storm and the damage done to the reef, we managed to get a large group of concerned divers to come out to the reef to perform another full survey of the reef to see how much damage was done.

With some of us staying behind for a few more days to complete the job, we set out with ambitious goals: firstly to repair the damage done to the perimeter line; secondly, to take high-resolution photos of every inch of the reef, hoping to compile a photo composite; thirdly, to...

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Survey Data 27th July 2013

Collected by Elsie, Pam and Gemma on the 27th of July 2013

Position Depth (m) Time Temp. (C) Visibility (m) pH EC TDS (ppm) ORP (mV) Salinity Dis. O2 (ppm) Nitrates Phosphates
3,0 2.6 1702 29 9.1 8.45 18.12 12710 160 1.026 9
3,100 2.1 1726 29 9.15 8.36 19.03 13300 154 1.025 9
12,0 12.3 1734 29 7 8.4 19.72 14290 145 1.025 8
12,100 13.4 1744 29 7.4 8.41 19.54 14530 143 1.026 8


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Project Baseline: Lake Tahoe

More info from the Project Baseline team. Here’s a video of the work they are doing in Lake Tahoe.

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Project Baseline Support

Support Project Baseline!

Here’s another video from the Project Baseline team, highlighting the reasons why the work we do is important. Enjoy!

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Restoring the Gili Islands’ coral reefs: Delphine Robbe at TEDxUbud

Here’s a video of our friend Delphine Robbe talking about the work she’s been doing in Gili Trawangan in Indonesia. Can we do something similar for the Salang Menagerie?

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What Is Project Baseline?

An excellent video on Project Baseline. Don’t you just want to get involved after watching it?

A few residents of our Salang Beach project make an appearance as well! See if you can spot them!


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Trip Report 23rd June 2013

Finally, after almost a month of waiting, we were finally able to head out and have a look at our survey site to see what damage the storm from the west had caused. What we saw was heartbreaking to see.

So much coral was damaged and destroyed by the storm, almost the whole section of reef from the 2m contour till the 6m contour was scrubbed bare of both dead and living coral. All this coral was then swept up to the shallower portion of the reef, ending in a huge mountain of rubble, almost 20m wi...

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Bad news this week!

Bad news this week! A freak west blowing storm hit Tioman in the middle of the night, sometime between 3am and 4am. It was short, lasting perhaps half an hour, but the damage was severe. A westward storm is bad, since all of the protected bays in Tioman face west.

The storm broke the mooring lines of one of the dive boats and has wreaked havoc on the reef for sure, judging from the pictures below. Unfortunately, the boat crashed onto the reef, right near where our survey site is...

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Trip Report 10th to 12th May 2013

This weekend, we put in more video stakes, bringing our total to 4 stakes in the reef. We’re trying not to impact the reef too much by doing this, but placing them at ideal locations around the reef to capture the various reef activities going on.

We also managed to get some water quality data, and another resident friend from the reef sh...

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Survey Data 12th May 2013

Collected by Leon and Maita on the 12th of May 2013

Position Depth (m) Time Temp. (C) Visibility (m) pH EC TDS (ppm) ORP (mV) Salinity Dis. O2 (ppm) Nitrates Phosphates
3,0 3.2 718 31 17 8.41 19.68 13760 132 1.025 8
3,100 2.7 701 30 21 8.42 19.91 13960 135 1.024 8
12,0 12 716 31 17 8.43 19.92 14130 140 1.025 10
12,100 12.5 705 29 15 8.43 19.67 13780 138 1.025 8
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