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The People

The people behind the project:

Leon Boey

A serial entrepreneur by nature, and a nature lover at heart, Leon runs Living Seas, a dive centre based in Singapore that runs GUE and PADI courses. Being a GUE instructor, he saw that good diving skills were necessary to develop and keep up the underwater environment. Pushing that further, a conservation project was a necessary end goal to bring an awareness of the environment to the regular diver.


Gemma Thomas

A chemist by day and a damn good instructor by night and on the weekends, Gemma has been a diver since 2009, and has contributed to the project by leading divers. She teaches PADI courses for Living Seas, and is encouraged by the progress of her students and the great level of skill that they bring to the project.


Jun Lin Juanhui

A DiveRACE divemaster, Jun has a keen interest in the marine environment, having trained and worked with the Tropical Marine Science Institute with NUS in Singapore. She has been invaluable in helping out with the project from the marine science aspect, with important tips and tricks on how to conduct the surveys.


Eric Au Yong

Eric recently decided to start diving using DIR principles wanting to carry out diving safely, efficiently and effectively. Trained as a zoologist and fascinated with nature, he uses his experience in research and knowledge of the marine environment to lend help with the science of this project.


Anders Gustavsson

Regardless of whether he is pondering over mathematical theory or solving complex equations, Anders is one cool cucumber whether topside or underwater. He puts his diving skills to good use be it taking depth plots or laying transect lines. Through the project, he is giving back to the realm that has offered him so much enjoyment.


Living Seas divers

Of course, there are a whole host of other divers involved in the project, namely Maita Aque, Jun Shea, Jin Ooi, Lum Jak-Tim, Keith Tan, Chammika Udalagamma and many others. All of them have contributed their time and effort to the project.

Come join the group and contribute too! Contact us today if you’d like to join in the fun!


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