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Mr Cuttlefish

Salang House reef is also home to a cuttlefish that has been spotted by divers throughout the season. He is often hanging out in the survey site, where he is well camouflaged, making him easy to miss. During the survey weekend in October, the divers often saw Mr Cuttlefish swimming around. In this video he was out swimming at a depth of about 3m.

On this occasion Mr Cuttlefish had two of his arms raised. He didn’t seem to mind the divers or camera getting too close, and he just hovered for a while, allowing a lot of footage to be taken of him. The divers weren’t sure what the raised arms meant. Normally when the cuttlefish is seen, he is camouflaged and all his arms and tentacles are together. Was he angry with the divers; trying to attract a mate whom we weren’t observant enough to spot, or was he out hunting for food? Either way he didn’t seem frightened by our presence, so as we spend more time together, hopefully we will get to learn more about cuttlefish behavior at Salang.

Written and shot on a GoPro Hero 2 by Gemma Thomas on the 26th of October 2012.


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