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Mr Cuttlefish and the line

As if to prove how good he is at camouflage, Mr Cuttlefish had chosen to rest in an area of the reef the divers were filming.  He went completely undetected for a while, then whilst reeling in the lines the divers were using to act as markers, it was noticed that one of the lines had been laid over Mr Cuttlefish. By the time filming had started he was off, blending in with the reef at a depth of about 8m.

As the camera approached to film him this time, he appeared to be a little more annoyed with the divers than he had been previously and tried to get away for some peace and quiet. Not that you can blame him really, he’d just had line laid on top of him and then been chased by an excited diver with a camera, so we left him alone after we’d wound in the line left near his home. Poor Mr Cuttlefish, hopefully we didn’t disturb him too much.

Written and shot on a GoPro Hero 2 by Gemma Thomas on the 26th of October 2012.


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