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The Gallery – Lines 000-001 to 004-005

Welcome to the gallery of the images and video that we took of the site. You’ve been warned, it’s a lot of pages and a lot of images to pore through, but if you have the time, you can get really acquainted with the site by going through the images.

For each line, we’ve taken 35 screenshots from each video and placed them here. Unfortunately, this is a random video capture, so from line to line, you’ll notice that the images don’t really line up all that well. However, within each line, you’ll begin to get a good idea of what the reef really looks like there.

The naming convention of the lines follow xxx-yyy, where ‘xxx’ denotes the left hand distance in metres from the left side of the site, ‘yyy’ denotes the right hand distance.

All the videos can be viewed by clicking on the line name at the top of each column, and if you’d like to see a closer picture of the reef, just click on one of the images in the column.

Have fun exploring the Salang Menagerie!

Lines 000-001 to 004-005 Lines 005-006 to 009-010 Lines 010-011 to 014-015 Lines 015-016 to 019-020 Lines 020-021 to 024-025
Lines 025-026 to 029-030 Lines 030-031 to 034-035 Lines 035-036 to 039-040 Lines 040-041 to 044-045 Lines 045-046 to 049-050
Lines 050-051 to 054-055 Lines 055-056 to 059-060 Lines 060-061 to 064-065 Lines 065-066 to 069-070 Lines 070-071 to 074-075
Lines 075-076 to 079-080 Lines 080-081 to 084-085 Lines 085-086 to 089-090 Lines 090-091 to 094-095 Lines 095-096 to 099-100

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