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Trip Report 3rd to 5th May 2013

Another fruitful week for us at the Salang Menagerie. We took out the 5DMkII and got some good footage of some new life at the Salang Menagerie. It’s always comforting to know that new life is born all the time on the reef, keeping it going for many years to come.

With the 5DMkII, we took some high-resolution shots, in preparation for doing a complete survey sometime this year. Here’s some comparison pictures from a manual stitch and an automatic stitch done by Photoshop.

Photoshop Stitch Closeup

Photoshop Stitch Closeup
Manual Stitch

Manual Stitch

It’s clear that the manual stitch will have to be the way to go, but man, is it going to be a lot of work!

This week, we put up several more video stakes, at various locations, and managed to capture quite a lot of video of the reef, including a strange creature swimming around.

We also managed to reshoot the lines that we missed out on the first major survey trip that we did in October last year, and finally, our Gallery is complete. See the gallery here and here.

Of course, we also collected our regular water quality sampling. Here’s what we measured.

During the weekend, we also managed to do some easy dives at Malang Rocks, and we think we saw Grouchy there! See if you can tell if he’s been travelling away from the Menagerie in this video.

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