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Survey Methodologies

Water quality measurements

Aim: To measure the quality of the water each time we go to Salang by measuring the pH, dissolved oxygen content, mineral content, temperature and transparency (visibility).

What does measuring these properties of the reef water tell us about the health of the reef? The table below highlights each property we will measure. The significance of the measurement and the optimal range are also listed. Further details are available in the appendix.

Properties Why How Opti...
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Survey Questions


With the permanent survey site established we have been looking at what we hope to achieve. This is a long term project so we don’t expect to be able to answer any questions immediately. By monitoring the site regularly we hope to gain a better understanding of the health of the corals and the inhabitants who call Salang their home...

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Calling all Scientists!

Are you a marine biologist or scientist who’s interested in learning more about the reef at the Salang Menagerie?

We’re divers and don’t pretend to be marine biologists, so any expert help is always welcome! We would like to offer our services in data collection and maintenance of the reef, so if you’re a marine biologist with an idea about what data would be interesting and valuable to science, then we want to hear from you!

The main inspiration for working on this project has been to create a ...

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The Gallery is finally online!

Well, after a fair bit of work, the Gallery for the Salang Menagerie is finally online. We’ve tried to showcase the site in its entirety, which means almost 3500 images, across the entire area of the site.

It’s a lot to go through, and despite some missing videos, some videos that weren’t all that well shot, and some misalignments, we think we’ve got most of the site captured.

Have a look at the full Gallery here, or click on the navigation menu above.

Bear in mind that these images were taken f...

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Trip Report 26th to 28th October 2012

By Gemma Thomas

Just how did 6 keen divers manage to take 2776 depth measurements, measure water quality and film the Salang Menagerie over three days, as well as spend some time watching the plethora of wildlife the site has to offer? Keep reading to find out what they did:

Friday 26th October 2012

After arriving in Tioman, there was a great deal of pre-dive preparation, before we could hit the water and start collecting the data...

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Survey Data 27th October 2012

Collected by Gemma, Anders, Eric, Maita, Jun and Keith on the 27th of October 2012

Position Depth (m) Time Temp. (C) Visibility (m) pH EC TDS (ppm) ORP (mV) Salinity
3,0 3.8 0849 30 13 8.36 13.68 9620 186 1.025
3,50 4.3 0918 30
3,100 4.0 0912 30 12 8.38 14.19 9850 201 1.025
12,0 12.5 0854 30 15 8.39 11.49 8060 194 1.024
12,50 12.7 0902 30
12,100 13.5 0906 30 15 8.40 13.13 9120 188 1.024


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Line Intersect Transect 22nd September 2012

Collected by Gemma and Jun on the 22nd of September 2012

*First column denotes distance in metres from the 12m line.

25m 50m 75m
Gemma Jun Gemma Jun Gemma Jun
0.5 S S S S S S
1 S S S S S R
1.5 S S S S S S
2 S S S S S S
2.5 S S S S S S
3 S S S S S S
3.5 S S S S S S
4 S S S S S S
4.5 S S CB CB S S
6.5 S S CB CB S S
7 S S S CB S S
7.5 S S S S S S
8.5 S S S S S R
9 S S S S S S
9.5 S S S
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Mr Cuttlefish and the line

As if to prove how good he is at camouflage, Mr Cuttlefish had chosen to rest in an area of the reef the divers were filming.  He went completely undetected for a while, then whilst reeling in the lines the divers were using to act as markers, it was noticed that one of the lines had been laid over Mr Cuttlefish. By the time filming had started he was off, blending in with the reef at a depth of about 8m.

As the camera approached to film him this time, h...

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Mr Cuttlefish

Salang House reef is also home to a cuttlefish that has been spotted by divers throughout the season. He is often hanging out in the survey site, where he is well camouflaged, making him easy to miss. During the survey weekend in October, the divers often saw Mr Cuttlefish swimming around. In this video he was out swimming at a depth of about 3m.

On this occasion Mr Cuttlefish had two of his arms raised...

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Mr Grouchy

One of the residents of Salang house reef is a Hawksbill turtle, who has been seen regularly for a few years now and seems quite unfazed by our presence.  But it wasn’t until earlier this year that he gained the name Grouchy and here’s how:

In late September, Gemma, Jun and Leon went to get the site ready for the first weekend of data collection...

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